One Need Benevolence Ministry

One Need is the benevolence ministry for SPC members and those in our community with needs.

Here's how it works...
A person who has a need provides information to a few questions using the One Need Link. Once the form is complete and submitted, a ministry member will review the need request and contact the requesting individual typically within 48 hours. Once the request is fully understood, efforts will begin to process the need request as resources can allow.

Thank you for trusting us with your needs. They are real, and they matter to us. Our promise is to work with you to the best of our ability through this process and provide answers and support as quickly as possible.


Norton Park Outreach

Every four to six weeks throughout the school year, we partner with Norton Park Elementary School to provide food during school breaks for families-in-need in the Smyrna area. Volunteers donate and shop for food, help load/unload items, and help families get food into their cars on distribution day. Drop-off and distribution days are provided in the bulletin, email, and Breeze member calendar.


Helping Hands

The Helping Hands ministry supports members of the congregation who may in a situation where meals are needed. Whether it be new mothers/mothers with a new addition to their family, those undergoing cancer treatments, those recovering from illness/surgeries, or those with challenging life events (i.e. death of spouse/child, etc.)—volunteers sign up to provide meals. 


Oasis Ministry

The Oasis Ministry seeks to provide support and encouragement to congregants. The Oasis Ministry consists of three branches that each focus on different needs of the congregation: Grief Support, Practical Problem-Solving, and Encouragement.

  • The Grief Ministry provides emotional, spiritual, and practical support to windows as they cope with grief and life challenges.
  • The Practical Problem-Solving Ministry provides assistance with minor home maintenance and repairs; computer network questions; delivering groceries for shut-ins; moving furniture within the home; etc. 
  • The Encouragement Ministry prayers for the infirm, shut-ins, and the lonely and encourages them with hand-written notes, hand-delivered flowers, home visits, phone calls, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about the Oasis Ministry, feel free to email