Theo-worthy_Westminster Confession of Faith

As Christians, we should know what we believe about God and why. And as we answer those questions, it is important to have the right view of God. After all, proper theology should lead to whole life worship and devotion to our Triune God.

In the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the Westminster Confession of Faith outlines the doctrinal standards that churches within denomination—like SPC—believe in. With questions and prooftexts taken right from scripture, it gives a clear picture of our theology and orients our view of God into the proper position.

That's why, in February, we are starting a 30-week Sunday School class called Theo-worthy: A Study on the Westminster Confession of Faith. 

The audio recordings for each week will be listed below: 

Week 1: Chapter 1: "Of the Holy Scripture"

Week 2: Chapter 2: "Of God, and of the Holy Trinity" 

Week 3: Chapter 3: "God's Eternal Decree"

Week 4: Chapter 4-5: "Creation and Providence"

Week 5: Chapter 6: "Fall of Man, Sin, and Punishment"

Week 6: Chapter 7-8: "God's Covenant with Man" & "Of Christ the Mediator"

Week 7: Chapter 9: "Of Free Will" 

Week 8: Chapter 10: "Effectual Calling"

Week 9: Chapter 11: "Justification"

Week 10: Chapter 12: "Adoption"

Week 11: Chapter 13: "Sanctification"

Week 12: Chapter 14-15: "Saving Faith & Repentence Unto Life"

Week 13: Chapter 16-17: "Good Works & Perseverance of the Saints" 

Week 14: Chapter 18: "Assurance of Grace and Salvation"

Week 15: Chapter 19: "Law of God"

Week 16: Chapter 20-21: "Christian Liberty and Conscience and Religious Worship and Sabbath Day"

Week 17: Chapter 22-23: "Lawful Oaths, Vows, and Civil Magistrate"

Week 18: Chapter 24: "Marriage and Divorce"

Week 19: Chapter 25-26: "Church and Communion of Saints"

Week 20: Chapter 30-31: "Church Censures and Councils"

Week 21: Chapter 32-33: "State of Men after Death, Resurrection of the Dead and the Last Judgement"