Date Scheduled To Resume In-Person Worship

As we adjust to life amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Church Leadership at Smyrna Presbyterian has decided to reopen for in-person worship on Sunday, May 17. 

God has blessed us immeasurably even in this season of great challenge and trial. By God’s grace things will continue to get better and we as His people will continue to grow in trusting Him for provision, protection, and direction. As the church leadership continues to engage in conversation about what it will look like to reopen for Corporate Worship, we wanted to offer a few things in terms of the perspective we need to have. 

First, there is a place in which we should rejoice and be glad. David in Psalm 122 begins by saying “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the LORD!’” It is quite clear that all of us regardless of our condition and circumstance that we should be glad when God’s people are able to worship together and that there is something spiritually hindered by not being able to do so. Nothing else in the world can duplicate God meeting with his gathered people on the Lord’s Day. So, as we begin to reopen on May 17, let us begin with an attitude of gladness that God is making a way for us to worship together. 

Second, we must exercise wisdom in who should come to corporate worship. Reopen does not mean everything is back to normal, rather we must be careful in how we proceed. What that looks like might be different per person and per family. If you have pre-existing health conditions or any other vulnerable circumstances as this time it might not be wise for you to come. We will not have a nursery or children’s church and therefore if you have very young children there will be challenges in coming. There might be other circumstances that are specific to you and your family that might need careful consideration as well. We will do our best to ensure the greatest safety possible, however, this does not mean that coming is risk-free. Pray and discuss as a family and even with your shepherding elder if you have more questions. 

Third, whatever decision you make is before you and the Lord, and no one else. Only the Lord can bind the conscience. Therefore, none should determine in this circumstance what is right or wrong for others, for attending or not attending. If you decide to come now – praise the Lord! If you decided to not return until a later date – praise the Lord! We will affirm each other in the decisions they make at this time. 

And lastly—but certainly not least—we want to be alert in ways in which we can Know, Grow, and Show. Many things in the world are changing and have changed. There are changes in processes and procedures, there are changes in the ways in which we used to do things. Change is not all bad, but Smyrna Pres and the vision that we have are not changing. Although things have to be altered, we are not altering whose we are (God’s) and what we have been called to do. Therefore, as things are still trying to get into some form of a rhythm, we should be reminded that no matter what changes come, we still want to proactively seek ways to Know, Grow, and Show forth the love of Christ.

For more on what to expect when the church reopens and how to let us know if you plan to attend, please check out our reopening page