The last several days have brought unprecedented change to us personally and as a nation. It seems that each day brings a new wrinkle to the freedom and lifestyle that we are accustomed to living. But I trust that all your daily physical and spiritual needs are being met and that you continue to look to the Lord to find strength in this time of change. 

The pastors, session, and diaconate of SPC held a conference call last night to discuss how to lead and encourage our precious flock during the current pandemic. Let me give you several things that we talked about:


WORSHIP SERVICES: Since meeting in groups larger than 10 people is discouraged, the Lord’s Day morning service will be paired down to the pastor, accompanist, and lead vocalist and will be conducted through the live stream. The order of worship will be emailed beforehand for you to print out. It will also be available, as always, here on our website. We encourage you (and all in your home) to prepare to meet with the Lord at 11 AM each Sunday, and collectively gather together in “home groups” via the live stream. Sing, confess and worship as you would if you were sitting together in the church building. Even though this is not ideal, we are grateful that these technologies exist so that we can still worship together as a congregation. We hope this form of worship service will go uninterrupted until we gather together in person again. 

SHEPHERDING: We take the task of shepherding very seriously, and the leadership of the church has taken the challenge to be especially vigilant during this time. Please let us also know ways that we can pray, encourage, or help you. Your pastors are ready/willing to make pastoral visits (if so desired, and keeping with proper pandemic protocols) for those that may need some interaction, conversation, and prayer. We want to be here for you during this time. 

MERCY NEEDS/GIVING: There may be several mercy needs in the next several weeks of people in our congregation (and beyond), and we want to be prepared to meet them if need be. We encourage you to continue to give to your church regularly during this time of absence. Our website provides several different ways that you can give. Together, we can bear the burdens that are sure to come.


Our God is good—and He is good all the time!!  I have been reminded of this truth often this last week, as well as the words of our Lord when he said “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.” My prayer during this time is that your belief/faith may grow amidst adversity and that your patience and peace would abound more and more, despite the circumstances swirling around.  The Lord controls the winds and the waves, upholds the birds and the flowers, and controls and sustains us day by day. That will not and cannot change! 

On the behalf of Pastor Myers and myself, you as a church are in our daily prayers! May richly bless you and we will “see you” via the live stream Sunday at 11 AM.