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Summary of the General Assembly of the PCA

I'm thankful to be Presbyterian. Chiefly we have a rich theological history that proudly proclaims the truth of Scriptures and week by week proclaims the Gospel fully and freely. I am thankful for the connectionalism and collected wisdom that comes from having many at different levels of church government. This makes the deliberations at times painfully inefficient but it ...

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An Update Regarding the Coronavirus [3.13.2020]

After conferring with the elders, the pastoral staff has made the decision to cancel all activities for the time being EXCEPT for Sunday morning worship (11:00 AM).This will be the practice until otherwise notified. We believe this takes serious the consideration of our governing officials to limit exposure, but still maintains our priority of "not forsaking our assemblin...

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An Update Regarding the Coronavirus [3.19.2020]

The last several days have brought unprecedented change to us personally and as a nation. It seems that each day brings a new wrinkle to the freedom and lifestyle that we are accustomed to living. But I trust that all your daily physical and spiritual needs are being met and that you continue to look to the Lord to find strength in this time of change. The pastors, sessio...

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Date Scheduled To Resume In-Person Worship

As we adjust to life amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Church Leadership at Smyrna Presbyterian has decided to reopen for in-person worship on Sunday, May 17. God has blessed us immeasurably even in this season of great challenge and trial. By God's grace things will continue to get better and we as His people will continue to grow in trusting Him for provision, protection, and...

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SPC to Include Wine in Communion

The leadership of SPC has recently decided to revise our communion practice. Starting Sunday, September 5, wine will be included as an element of our celebration of the Lord's Supper. This change accords with the biblical/theological meaning of the Supper as well as adheres to the historical practice of the Church. And we hope this video by Pastor Joel will thoro...

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On the Return of Evening Worship

As we emerge from the disruptions of the last year, we have been able to resume almost all ministries and activities at the church. Now, we will be resuming Evening Worship....

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