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Greeters & Welcoming Others

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God. (Rom.15:7)

Being a warm and welcoming church to members and guest is foundational to our lives as Christians and must be a hallmark of our church culture. When thinking about such a topic I naturally think of some departed saints, Bette Stallings and Mary Hamby to name two, that made a point to find visitors after the worship service to meet and greet them. We are to carry on that legacy of being a friendly church that is intentional in looking for others. For this is more than just being friendly or showing Southern hospitality, this is biblical and theological. The Lord invited us in as a stranger, and made us His own. We must continue to do the same as those that are followers of Jesus Christ

As a part of this initiative we are relaunching our Greeters program. Having warm, helpful, and smiling faces stationed at the doors will help to create this environment of being a welcoming place to all that come into our doors. We are looking for two sets of greeters each Sunday to greet at each door/hallway. This can be done as an individual/couple/family, and matters not if you have been here for years or you are brand new. We would love to have you be a part!

Would you consider being a part of this ministry?



If after listening to the training, you want to be a part. Then please email Pastor Smit to be put on the schedule. 

if you can specifically serve in this way or not, I hope that we as a church would meet, greet, and minister to those around you in the pew and beyond. You never know what a greeting may do in the lives of others, as well as in your own!

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. (Prov. 16:24)