Perhaps you have heard that there is a certain vocation called “Life Coach.” Such individuals are people that help you do things that you should be doing (probably on your own!), but perhaps lost the motivation to do so. So, they “coach” you to be a better you. They are usually positive, full-of-energy types that get you going. I’ve never really understood the draw – but perhaps there is such a place (if you want to pay for such a thing). 

As we enter into a new year and reevaluate our lives, and perhaps make new resolutions, I want to be your “life coach” and challenge you (and do so free of charge!). That challenge relates to your discipleship – what is it that you can do, improve in, or be a part of, in 2018? What ways can you grow as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ in this new year that you did not do or were not a part of last year? If each of us spent the time to think about that question I think we could all come up with at least one thing.

Since I am “coaching” you let me give you some ideas to get you thinking:

-consistent weekly Lord’s Day attendance

-daily private devotion and prayer

-read through the bible in a year (or two)

-family worship time (bible, prayer, & singing)

-memorize Scripture

-consistent prayer for your church and the needs of the church (using the weekly “call for prayer” in the bulletin)

-join the Sunday morning prayer group (9:15am in the church library)

-join a men’s or women’s bible study

-come to Sunday School

-teach a children’s Sunday School class

-help out with the children or youth on Wednesday night

-help with Wednesday night fellowship meal

-give your tithe

-join the choir

-play a musical instrument for worship or other functions

-sign up for the Helping Hands meal list – to bring a meal to someone in need

-help with the Norton Park pantry or Meals on Wheels ministries

-invite people over who do not know the Lord for the purpose of sharing your faith.

-invite neighbors to church

-write a Gospel tract

-check out a theological book from the church library

-invite fellow members (or visitors) over to your house for fellowship

-give to the Stevenson Scholarship fund for SPC children to attend Covenant Christian School

-visit our shut-ins

-plan & participate in a short-term mission trip

-help the church to develop a plan to reach out to our community

This is a short list of endless possibilities that would be a boost to your spiritual fervor and discipleship in 2018. No matter what age we are there is always something that we can do to increase and be more faithful in when it comes to our discipleship. If we are going to improve this year in anything – why not improve in areas that have a lasting impact with eternal significance! My prayer as your pastor (not just “life coach”) is for you to grow in your walk with the Lord - to be faithful servants - this year and always. 

God Bless & Happy New Year!