Due to the chance of inclement weather, worship on 1/16 will only consist of Morning Worship at 11:00am. Sunday School and Evening Worship are canceled.

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Connected to the Past | Living in the Present | Looking to the Future

Today as I write this on Oct. 27th it is the 102 year anniversary of the founding of our Presbyterian Church in Smyrna, GA. Last week Sunday we......

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5 Functions of a Faithful Church

On Sunday nights for the evening worship I have been preaching a series of sermons on the Church - what is the church? What is its purpose? What are we supposed to be......

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Back to School...Back to Church

If you do not have school age children then you will be surprised to see school buses out on the road beginning......

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My Take (from afar) on the General Assembly of the PCA

I’m thankful to be Presbyterian. Chiefly we have a rich theological history that proudly proclaims the truth of Scriptures and each week I......

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A Congregation’s Call to Receive, Encourage & Provide for their Pastor

The relationship between a pastor and a congregation is a God-ordained relationship. The Apostle Paul sent Timothy to......

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The Call, Purpose & Duty of the Pastor to a Congregation

This last month I had the privilege of being installed as the Pastor here at Smyrna Presbyterian Church. The installation service was a joyous one for me...

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Lessons from the Season of Spring

Springtime is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Everything is fresh, new, and in bloom. ...

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A few of the attributes of God that are vitally important and that we confess every week is His timelessness, eternity, and immutability. ...

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