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Summary of the General Assembly of the PCA

I'm thankful to be Presbyterian. Chiefly we have a rich theological history that proudly proclaims the truth of Scriptures and week by week proclaims the Gospel fully and freely. I am thankful for the connectionalism and collected wisdom that comes from having many at different levels of church government. This makes the deliberations at times painfully inefficient but it ...

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Love Greater than (and Different from) the World

The stores are filled with hearts, candy, and teddy bears in anticipation of Valentine’s Day on February 14th. A day in which we are to demonstrate love to our significant others - and I’m all for it! Sure we should show love every day but......

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New Year, New Resolve to be with the Lord

As the New Year begins this month many take the opportunity to “reset the clock” on some new habits or purpose for the New Year. Not sure if you......

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Comes to Make His Blessings Flow

As you read this article hopefully you are well into the Christmas Season with......

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Connected to the Past | Living in the Present | Looking to the Future

Today as I write this on Oct. 27th it is the 102 year anniversary of the founding of our Presbyterian Church in Smyrna, GA. Last week Sunday we......

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5 Functions of a Faithful Church

On Sunday nights for the evening worship I have been preaching a series of sermons on the Church - what is the church? What is its purpose? What are we supposed to be......

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Back to School...Back to Church

If you do not have school age children then you will be surprised to see school buses out on the road beginning......

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My Take (from afar) on the General Assembly of the PCA

I’m thankful to be Presbyterian. Chiefly we have a rich theological history that proudly proclaims the truth of Scriptures and each week I......

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A Congregation’s Call to Receive, Encourage & Provide for their Pastor

The relationship between a pastor and a congregation is a God-ordained relationship. The Apostle Paul sent Timothy to......

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The Call, Purpose & Duty of the Pastor to a Congregation

This last month I had the privilege of being installed as the Pastor here at Smyrna Presbyterian Church. The installation service was a joyous one for me...

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