Due to the chance of inclement weather, worship on 1/16 will only consist of Morning Worship at 11:00am. Sunday School and Evening Worship are canceled.

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Discipleship "Coaching" for a New Year

Perhaps you have heard that there is a certain vocation called “Life Coach......

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Is Church REALLY Necessary?

I propose that if church isn’t necessary, we quit......

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Why the Reformation Still Matters

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it”. This famous statement is......

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Ten Reasons for Thanks this Thanksgiving Season

Thanksgiving with all of its festivities, fancy food and fanfare should be more than a day of the year....

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Training our Children to Know and Love the Word of God

The children that we have been given are no mistake; God has intentionally given them to us. ...

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He Descended Into Hell?

Perhaps you too have wondered what it means that Christ “descended into hell.” There is no Scripture that speaks of a literal descent into hell, so what are we to make of this?...

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Summary of the General Assembly of the PCA

I'm thankful to be Presbyterian. Chiefly we have a rich theological history that proudly proclaims the truth of Scriptures and week by week proclaims the Gospel fully and freely. I am thankful for the connectionalism and collected wisdom that comes from having many at different levels of church government. This makes the deliberations at times painfully inefficient but it ...

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Love Greater than (and Different from) the World

The stores are filled with hearts, candy, and teddy bears in anticipation of Valentine’s Day on February 14th. A day in which we are to demonstrate love to our significant others - and I’m all for it! Sure we should show love every day but......

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New Year, New Resolve to be with the Lord

As the New Year begins this month many take the opportunity to “reset the clock” on some new habits or purpose for the New Year. Not sure if you......

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Comes to Make His Blessings Flow

As you read this article hopefully you are well into the Christmas Season with......

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